Private tuition

(one to one lessons)

Private Sessions and one-on-one tutoring will help students perfect their grammar and vocabulary through speaking directly with a native Spanish speaker.

Classes are flexible, individually designed, and based on your needs. These courses will allow for the best Spanish lessons and are appropriate for those who want to practice their Spanish quickly and efficiently in a short period of time, or in simply half the time.Teacher with a student in private tuition

The private tutoring sessions that are included in specific programs are normally conducted in the afternoon.

If you seek private tutoring sessions that are not included with your course, the time they are offered will depend on the class schedule of the professors.

During private lessons, you can also select special topics such as business, tourism, medicine, law, art, and more but there is 25% additional fee for these lessons.

The Plateros Spanish School does NOT guarantee private tutoring sessions during the summer months, but we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

5 95 USD
10 180 USD
15 240 USD
20 300 USD
25 425 USD
30 510 USD