Volunteer Projects

(Intermediate or higher level of Spanish)

  • Start dates: intermediate and advanced levels
  • Duration: 15 hours + Volunteer work
  • Program: 8 or more weeks; materials included
  • Hours per day: 3 daily classes + Volunteer work
  • Rates: US$950 per 8 weeks; Extra week: US$125

Volunteer Programs provides the unique opportunity to live and work abroad. With our volunteer work program students are provided with an opportunity to help several communities as well as to practice Spanish.

Sign up for our Volunteer program in Guanajuato and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to complement your Spanish course with a social work.

All of our volunteer projects require a minimum stay of 8 weeks, but many participants choose to extend their stays.

You will also need to take 4 weeks of the Intensive group Spanish classes program before you volunteer or 8 weeks in the afternoon of the Semi- Intensive group Spanish classes while you volunteer. As you need to be able to communicate with the people you are helping, as well as with the staff and other volunteers.

We recommend our most popular option for rapid Spanish progression:

Project A: combining Intensive group Spanish classes (3 hours per day) with volunteering for the duration of your volunteer project: 4 weeks of the Intensive Spanish Language program plus 4 weeks of your volunteer project.

Students who wish to find a volunteer program but do not possess with the requisite level may enroll in any of our General Spanish courses for as long as it takes to reach an appropriate workplace fluency in spoken and written to Spanish.

Possible fields of interest include social work, education or cultural work. This is an invaluable experience that helps participants develop skills such as teamwork, leadership and organization, while helping philanthropic institutions and NGOs. Each free volunteer project has a different schedule and they can vary depending upon the time of the year and the number of volunteers assigned to a particular project. The availability of volunteer projects during the months of June, July and August is limited, please consult.

In order to enroll in this course you must:
  • Be at least 18 years
  • Dominate an intermediate or higher level of Spanish
  • A minimum commitment of 8 weeks volunteering
  • have a medical insurance

*Most of the volunteer projects are free. However, some volunteer organizations require a small monetary donation to support their projects and volunteers are also responsible for the cost of transportation to the volunteer project.